Reserving a horse

Sometimes it seems people are very disappointed if a horse is sold before they are able to make a decision whether to buy it, or are able to come along and take a look.


- Have you fallen for a horse but would you like a bit of time to think about it?
- Are you interested in a horse but do you have no time at the minute to come and take a look?
- Do you wish to be sure that the horse will still be for sale when you arrive after a long journey?

For €100 we will remove it from the list of horses for sale and give you an option, which we will keep open for a maximum of five days. The horse/pony will not be sold to anyone else during this period!


* The €100 will be taken off the final purchase price.
* The reservation money can also be used  as part payment for another horse for up to one year from the date it is paid.


We work on a ‘first come, first served’ principle. We are unfortunately not able to enter into any discussion about horses once they have been sold or reserved.


Reservations are valid from the moment you receive a confirmation from us.
You can transfer money to:
Rabobank account number: 186760744 in Achtmaal.
Iban number: nl92RABO0186760744 Biccode: RABOnl2u
Please state your name and the horse it relates to in the information field.
You can copy and paste the bank details when instructing your bank to make the transfer.


You can also make a reservation online via iDeal payment. You can simply reserve your horse for five days.

Stal Doorstap


Would you like to inform us when payment has been successfully made? Then the reservation is immediately posted on the various sites.