New owner

Here you can take a look at the photos sent in of horses/ponies with their new owners.
Do you also wish to take part??
Did you ever buy a horse/pony from us ??
Then send us your nicest, funniest or most beautiful photo!!
Then maybe you will win a smart bridle worth € 39,95!!
On the first day of each month a prize is awarded by lottery to someone from among all the new owners whose photos are on our website. The choice is made at random from ALL the new owners on the site, so there is no need to send a new photo if yours is already on there. It is not a question of who has the most beautiful/nicest photo.
The lottery is carried out by an external company, and is objective. The monthly winner is always announced each month on our site, on this page, and the announcement is left there for the whole month and for the two following months.
So if your photo is on new owner….
keep an eye on this page!
If you have won a prize, you need to contact us within three months. Then we can make an appointment with you for you to collect the prize. If necessary the prize can be sent to you at our expense, but of course we think it is really nice if you can come and collect it so that we can also have a chat…
The same pair can win the prize for a maximum of 2 times per year.

January Winner

Familie Renders
with Zorky
from Rumst (Belgium)

Entries May 2012

December Winner

Familie de Groot
with Nube
from Uithuizermeden

Entries February 2021

November Winner

Anke van Kessel
with Askja
from Heeswijk-Dinther

Entries October 2017

October Winner

Familie Nijhuis
with Indyra (Wolve)
from Veenendaal

Entries February 2015
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