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Welcome to Stal Doorstap!!

This stable’s name, which translates as “Step forward Stables”, was chosen because it has a number of meanings. On the one hand we naturally would like a horse to step forward nicely, on the other hand the name describes the step that a horse takes with us from green to L level, and also the step forward from the old owner to the new. The word also describes our own step forward after sunshine and rain.
Stal Doorstap is a stable belonging to animal lover Melanie Evers-Mutsers and her helpers, who spend most of their time breeding and rearing, placing and then breaking in and correcting lovely horses and ponies. Here we also offer animals for sale with a good character, which are healthy and have good bones.
We inform people as much as possible of any imperfections at the time of purchase. We offer you the best advice we can, in order to achieve a good pair. Melanie has 30 years experience in this field!
We try to represent the sport of horse riding widely, by breeding and rearing very diverse and varied horses and ponies . Our aim is always to obtain a cooperative, well-behaved and friendly animal. We only correct by means of rewards. We try to keep the purchase price low, in both your interests and ours.
The horses and ponies are cared for and handled by us as perfectly as possible. Unlimited hay at all times and sufficient mixes of concentrated feed, a great deal of variety. The registered horse doctor and the smith visit us regularly, at which time all the animals are given a checkup.
A thick layer of straw in the clean stables. All of this combined with pasture grazing. The horses are given a friendly word and a stroke on their forehead! We work with animals and therefore we have learned to be very patient. We hope that you as the new owner will carry on in the same way if possible!
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Stal Doorstap